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Support to Development in Mongolia
A core activity of the Danish Mongolian Society is to support development activities in Mongolia.
The Society contributes to development through:
Long term development
The Danish Mongolian Society long term development projects have in the past years been mainly focused on work within the social sector and the education sector. For further information on our projects, please contact the Danish project manager responsible for the individual project as mentioned in its project description.
The main donor of our long term projects is DANIDA. However, the Danish Mongolian Society also receives private donations to carry out activities in the field.
Humanitarian aid
The Society provides humanitarian aid in the event of emergencies such as the winter storm catastrophe, known as dzud, that has hit Mongolia’s one million nomads harshly for 3-4 consecutive years.
Members of the Danish Mongolian Society and other private donors have supported humanitarian interventions in Mongolia.
The dzud has hit 114,300 nomadic households and 18.4 million livestock (60.1% of total livestock) in 20 aimags and 192 sums. Based on statistics from the State Emergency Commission, 1.5 million livestock were reported dead (on 15th March 2001).
The family shown in the picture lost all its livestock. This family lives in Arkhangai aimag, Battsingel sum.